Visualization Services

1. form a mental picture of 2. To make visual. 3 Form metal pictures.
Gage Canadian Dictionary

laptopSelecting that perfect colour for your space is often a difficult decision. It can be a challenge to visualize what a colour will look like in a large area solely on the basis of a colour chip. To simplify the process I offer computer renderings, conveniently delivered to your email in-box, which can show what your space will look like in a range of colours.

The process starts with my initial estimate visit. During my visit I will shoot a series of digital photos. These photos form the basis of the rendering. I then take these photos home were I use a program called photoshop to simulate the effect of your various colour choices.  I then deliver these renderings when I send you your quote.

If you are considering more extensive renovations I also can provide 3d renderings which can help you to visualize your completed project. Using Google Sketch-Up I can develop computer models which can simulate how, say,  your new set of kitchen cupboards would work with your existing layout.

Exterior Painting

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Interior Painting

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