Exterior Painting

Our Professional Exterior painting service include:

exterior painting quispamsis

  • Areas are power washed or hand washed to remove dirt or mildew
  • Proper surface preparation including scrapping and glossy areas are scuff sanded
  • Repair or replace required woodwork and/or trim
  • All gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion
  • Expert application of  primer (when required) and quality paint
  • And thorough clean-up daily

After the job is completed, we perform a final inspection with you, to be sure the finished project meets with your approval.

Attention To Detail

Often when prepping the exterior of an older home for paint I encounter areas of decay that need to be addressed. DW Decor offers a wide range of repair solutions, from epoxy stabilization of existing wooden trim and windows to removal and replacement with new material. Protect your investment by dealing with issues of decay before they become a major problem.

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