Interior Painting

Interior Painting Saint JohnOur Professional interior painting service includes:

  • Full protection of the work area.
  • Proper surface preparation
  • Expert application of quality paint
  • And thorough clean-up

After the job is completed, we perform a final inspection with you, to be sure the finished project meets with your approval.


Attention to DetailPainters Caulk

  • Prior to painting all walls and ceilings are given a light pole sanding to remove any small lumps and provide for proper paint adhesion.

  • Prior to painting trim, we fill all gaps with a quality painter’s caulk. This step removes unsightly shadow gaps which paint alone is not designed to fill.
  • Ceilings receive two coats of paint unless otherwise specified. Working away from a light source insures proper coverage as the wet paint has a sheen that is very noticeable.